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Curt Young


Curt Young

Curt Young is a Blues Rock artist - singer, songwriter and musician. His new CD, 'Edge of Shadow', is filled with songs from his own experience - Native Man, Pretty Dancer, When the Bannock Hits the Floor...

Curt belongs to the Saulteaux-Cree first nation from Saskatchewan. He first picked up a guitar at age ten. He has been playing guitar for fifteen years now, and also plays bass, drums, cedar flute, piano.

Curt started writing out some of his personal experiences in 2005 and those stories were published by New Tribe, AYN and SAY Magazine. The support and encouragement he received triggered the idea to combine his love of playing with the release of writing, which naturally evolved into songwriting. Curt's passion for communicating with an audience found an outlet by being in front of a crowd; he is a natural and gifted entertainer.

Curt has now performed in over 400 shows around the globe as both a guest artist and a feature artist — on the CP Spirit Train Olympic Tour which stopped in every major city across Canada; in Harbin, China, for the University Olympic Games; also with Colin James, Shane Yellow Bird, Jesse Farrell and many others.

Many communities have brought Curt in to conduct workshops on Violence Prevention, Personal Motivation, and Music, often pairing these workshops with music performances.

In 2007, Curt joined forces with Dallas Arcand, two-time World Champion Hoop Dancer as back-up musician and that partnership has grown to be a highly effective musical team. Curt has played over 250 performances with Dallas, including the Olympic Spirit Train sponsored by Canadian Pacific Rail featuring Collin James.

Edge of Shadow

This CD is at the pressing plant now and will be released in January, 2010. Sometimes gritty, sometimes downright blue, 'Edge of Shadow' is influenced by life on the reserve, the challenges of trying to fit in to city life, the distraction of pretty brown legs, the scandolous girl who got away...

"There are days I feel drawn into that dark place where I go to examine who I am, scratch at the inside surface, pull a few strings to see if I'll unravel - and days when I feel the light of discovery. And in between, I'm standing on the edge of shadow."

Featuring such bright, talented guest artists as Dawn von Arnim for back-up vocals, Willy Joosen on piano, Rich Stephens, mouth harp, and Dorothy Bishop, cello.

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Curt Young - Saturday afternoon
Curt Young - Saturday afternoon